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Social Media Marketing Strategies – RECOMMENDATION!

“El, how I can use the social media to promote my business? My business is selling the sporting gear & equipment. Thanks for your help!”

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! So, my friend asks me about the social media strategy for their business. I will try my best to give a good recommendation for them and this is my recommendation!

1.What’s the purpose? What’s your planning to your social media? How about the goal?

The first step before you set up your social media is planning and purposes. What kind of social media that you will use? How about the content? How about the timeline? How many engagements that you want to get? That’s the example question before you set up your social media strategies. Based on research by Gail Matthews from Dominican University, for those who wrote their goals will be accomplished more than people who did not write their goals (

source :

2. Who is your market?

What’s next? Of course, your market! By identifying your target market, you can develop your marketing strategies more effective without spending a lot of money (

3.What kind of social media site that you want to use?

In this century, there are many social media that you can use to promote your product! Based on, there are 50+ social media sites. In 2019, 2,77 billion people will be using social media ( This achievement supported by cheap smartphone, fast internet connectivity and easier to access. But, still depend on your market and geography. In this picture, different region could get different result of popular social media site.

4.Plan your content! Be Creative!

Your content is your social media marketing spearhead but be careful of the plagiarism content. We should know about our social media purposes. For example, if we use Instagram, the content should be picture and video. Or if we use Twitter, we could use the narrative content.

Source: Kylie Instagram

5.Maximum the function of social media site!

Explore the function of social media site! For Instagram, there are InstaStory, Instagram Shopping. For Facebook, there are marketplace or group function that will help you to reach your market!

source :
source :

6.Don’t forget of word of mouth!

Beside the social media site is important in this century, the traditional marketing should be not forgotten. Always keep your promotion between family, collage, group, or your team worker! This argument supported by Nielse, that 2% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising (Whitler, 2014)

7.Catch up with the latest trends and don’t worry to changes the style!

Algorithm from social media site always changes day by day. Marketer required to continue learning about the algorithm, so the used of social media could be effective. These days, trends using the influencer to promote their product also become the latest trend in the social media site. But it can not be denied if in the future this trend will changes.

8.Evaluation, Evaluation, Evaluation!

How’s your strategy? Is it done well? That’s why we should do the evaluation of our strategic marketing. We should know that the current strategies are doing well, or we should change the strategies. Using the social media reviewer tools is not forbidden because the tools could help us to evaluate our engagement.

That’s all of my recommendation of social media strategies that my friend could use it! How about you guys? you have any recommendation for my friend? Please write it below! Xoxo, El

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