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SHEIN! Who doesn’t know about Shein? Shein is online shopping and an international B2C Fast Fashion e-commerce platform. They offer men’s apparel, children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and other fashion items. You know what? They ship to over 220 countries and regions worldwide! (Check yours! :p)

Because of SHEIN is online shopping, of course understanding online customer experiences is needed for them to improving their website and make the customer enjoy with their website! I will use the framework from Rose and Hair (2011) to help me evaluate the SHEIN’s website.

  • Information Processing

In the SHEIN website, I will directly know about all of their offer on that day. All of the information about the ship, layout design, and the important one is the discount! Yey! For me as a customer, this website gives me a lot of information and as a potential customer I would like to enter their website even further.

  • Perceived ease-of-use

As you see on the picture above, is that clearly website which anyone could use it? In my experience, I would like to search the sale one (LOL, I love sale). Then, I just clicks the winter sale and I can find anything that I want to buy!

  • Perceived usefulness

If I want to buy cloths for my boyfriend, SHEIN offer it. If I want to buy cloths for my summer style or winter style, SHEIN also offer it. Even, if I want to buy some cheap clothes (read: sale), SHEIN offer it. Their website is offer anything from woman, kids and men so it would be make easy for other customer as well 😊

  • Perceived benefits

I love benefits! YES! SHEIN always give us many offer or discount. You can check it but don’t be late because each day has different offer!

  • Perceived Control

In my second purchase, SHEIN website already saved my address and with their systems, so I did the second purchase faster than before.

  • Skill

I believe if their website has an artificial intelligence (AI) that make if I purchase more often, their website will save my preferences and they will offer me the product that match with my preferences.

  • Trust and Risk

In online shopping, this factor will be the biggest variable to me to make decision either buy in their website or not.  I have been shopping from SHEIN, 2 times using my card and I received my things! The cloths were very good and nothing happen such as misuse of my card or my address. Before that, I did some search on the Google to make sure that SHEIN is safe and they are safe!

  • Enjoyment

As far as I use the SHEIN and bought some clothes from their website, I am really enjoyed with their product and I will give positive online experience in this website

So, that’s all my evaluate about SHEIN. How about you guys? If you want the same experience with me, just visit the SHEIN Website and you will know how I enjoy their website and I will be back sure to buy some sale product! You guys have another online experience? Please feel free to share with me and drop your comment on the below! Love, El.

BONUS! Enjoy my first experienced at Blackpink Concert ! 🙂

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