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YESSTYLE – Business and Revenue Model

For this blog I would like to discuss about YESSTYLE Business and Revenue model. Before we talk about this case, so what is business and revenue model?

A business model describes, in a model-like and holistic manner, the logical connections and the way in which a company generates value for its customers. A company can operate several business models at the same time.

A revenue model describes the structure of how a company generates revenue or income. Each customer segment can contain one or more revenue streams
source :


YesStyle (Ex.YesAsia) is an online shopping that generated in United States as well as in France and the United Kingdom launched July 2006 and selling beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. YesStyle’s headquarters is located in Kwai Chung. There are premium brands on there across Asia, including Cosrx, Mizon, Memebox, Some by Mi, innisfree, 3CE, chuu and Dear, Klairs. Their shipping reached the worldwide shipping.


To provide customers with an exciting shopping experience, superior service and a fine selection of affordable, high quality Korean beauty products, and Asian fashion and lifestyle products.”

YESSTYLE Target Customer:

YesStyle is available for over than 200 countries and especially they offer the product for woman and young girls but some skincare could use for man also.

VALUE Proposition

  • Accessbility

In my opinion, YesStyle has a website that user friendly .They offer and have a product segmentation which is a good thing because they offer many product over than 100 product in 1 type of product.

  • Customization

YesStyle offer the premium Asia brands that worldwide customer could bought it. The good experience of this is I bought some of Korea brand that there is not sold in Australia. This customization product for worldwide customer is helpful and could reach more customer.

  • Convenience

YesStyle has “Our Promise” section for their customer. The one of it is about Shipping. There are estimated delivery time in their website after you did the transaction.

 If you do not receive your order within the estimated delivery time, please contact our Customer Service Team. Lost shipments will be reshipped to you without extra handling or shipping fees.

Besides that, YesStylealso offer the Returns and Exchanges. For customer who dissatisfied with their product from YesStyle, customer could call their customer service to get the return or exchanges.

If you’re dissatisfied with a purchase from YesStyle, you can send it back to us within 14 days for an exchange or return. The issue can be size or color or anything at all. Your satisfaction is our concern, so if for any reason you’re unhappy with a product, you can talk to us.

In the YesStyle transaction, there are Store Credit for the loyal customer. Store Credit is like a credit card for your account and everything you do the transaction, you can use your credit. The good things of YesStyle is they offer the Store Credit Refund. This is a convinience things for online customer because if they want the refund, they will got it as a credit and could applied for next purchase.

For convenience, we issue refunds in YesStyle Credit, which will be credited to your YesStyle account immediately. YesStyle Credit can be applied on your next purchase.

Customer Relationship

In YesStyle Website, they have a 3 inquiry for their customer to reach YesStyle. The first one is Customer service itself. We could send them email or click on the Message icon. Even though there is business peak season such as holiday, they will reply your messages in 2 business days.

The second one is order tracking. The customer could track their transaction in their website. In my opinion, this part is helpful for worldwide customer. Sometimes customer got curios about their product and not be patient to know where their product is.

source :

Last is email their CEO. It is unique part, because it is rarely, we found the online shopping that could message their CEO.



For their key activities, they have an Instagram account for their promotion. They use the YesStyle influencer as well to create the content creative for their main account.

Maintenance with their business partner such as premium brand is another their activities in this business. Their main resource is a website or database itself. Because they are an online shopping, the IT jobs is a main thing that they should taking care of it. This is important, because they handle the data from other business partner also, they have a customer data from the payment transaction and the shipping as well. The safety of the website should be has a good maintenance and not become the scam for customer.


How they could get the revenue? Based on e-commere revenue analytis, in the 2018, got US$399,6M . YesStyle claim that they are one of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses worldwide, with an average year-on-year business growth of 35%. They are using the “virtual merchant” like everyone use.

Product revenue is the main revenue for YesStyle. The other things is investing from investor and partnership with other business partner such as the premium brand and Korean News Website.How they could get the revenue? Based on e-commere revenue analytis, in the 2018, got US$399,6M. YesStyle claim that they are one of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses worldwide, with an average year-on-year business growth of 35%.

That’s all of my analysis for business and revenue model from YesStyle! How about it guys? Have you tried it? Please share it with me!


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Blog Entry 5a

Evaluation the impact of the internet and digital technologies on the marketing mix element – Travel Industry case

The one of largest service industries in the world is travels industry. Travel industry is different with tourism industry. Travel industry is a service that providing services related to travel from one location to another including hotels, airplanes while tourism is about act of travelling to a different location, either for business or pleasure (

What’s the impact of the internet and digital technologies on the marketing mix element?

In this blog I would like to discuss about the impact. In 1960, marketing mix is referred as 4PS consist of Price, Place, Product and Promotion and purposes by Jerome McCarthy (Chaffey&Ellis , 2019). But in 1980s, the marketing mix extended to the 7PS and the additional is people, process and physical evidence (Chaffey&Ellis , 2019. p.191). In my opinion, there are many evaluations the impact of the internet and digital technologies in the travel industry and dealt with below.

Source :
Chaffey, D., & Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2019). Digital marketing. Retrieved from
  • Product

According to Chaffey and Ellis, the industry could offer the core product, digital product, extend product, and create the branding (Chaffey&Ellis, 2019, p.193). The good example of this is Flight Centre website. The digital technologies help the customer to made the booking for their traveling without come to the offline store. This action probably helps the industry as well to offer many services just in one website. In one website, customer could get many information about the services that industry offers to the customer, and of course this action makes the industry easier and save a lot of time to introducing their product

  • Price

Digital technologies and internet help this section to price transparency, pricing level, innovative pricing, and alternative pricing (Chaffey & Ellis, 2019, p.204). Customer will knowledge all of the price from Travel industry by Internet and technologies. Currently, there are the apps name . This technology helps the customer to find the best price of airlines, hire car and hotel in several times.. The industry could use this application to find their competitor’s price and could know about the averages market price.

Source :
  • Place

This segment talked about place of purchase the product itself (Chaffey & Ellis, 2019, p.213). The travel industry is a A – Seller Controlled which mean home site of organization selling product or services. In this segment, digital technologies and internet help the Travel Industry to has channel such as Website, Application to meet the needs of the customer. In this century, people tend to use their mobile phone than going to the offline store, so digital technologies and internet really help the Travel industry.

  • Promotion

Digital technologies and internet would be really help and become the main source of travel industry to do the promotion in the online and could reach a lot of customer without worrying place and time. According to the Chaffey & Ellis (2019, p.220), there are the main elements in promotional mix. It is clearly to see, that those elements will help the travel industry to promote their product. Search Engine Optimization is a one of product from Internet could help the travel industry to do the promotion in Internet and Digital technologies.  

source : Chaffey, D., & Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2019). Digital marketing. Retrieved from
  • People, process and physical evidence

Last but not least is 3 additional P of marketing mix. These 3 factors are talking about the service mix in the marketing e.g. individuals in the marketing activities, customer focus, sales ‘staff contact experiences and online experience. Travel industry could consider this 3P to optimizing their online services. In my opinion, the easy user interface of their website could give the best online experiences for customer. Some of website from travel agency and airlines has a same function and format but the simple user interface could made the organization stand out than their competitor.

So, this is the end of my evaluation! How about you guys? Do you have any favor or opinion to this industry? Share with me your experiences! Xoxo, El.


Chaffey, D., & Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2019). Digital marketing. Retrieved from

Blog Entry 5b

Social Media Marketing Strategies – RECOMMENDATION!

“El, how I can use the social media to promote my business? My business is selling the sporting gear & equipment. Thanks for your help!”

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! So, my friend asks me about the social media strategy for their business. I will try my best to give a good recommendation for them and this is my recommendation!

1.What’s the purpose? What’s your planning to your social media? How about the goal?

The first step before you set up your social media is planning and purposes. What kind of social media that you will use? How about the content? How about the timeline? How many engagements that you want to get? That’s the example question before you set up your social media strategies. Based on research by Gail Matthews from Dominican University, for those who wrote their goals will be accomplished more than people who did not write their goals (

source :

2. Who is your market?

What’s next? Of course, your market! By identifying your target market, you can develop your marketing strategies more effective without spending a lot of money (

3.What kind of social media site that you want to use?

In this century, there are many social media that you can use to promote your product! Based on, there are 50+ social media sites. In 2019, 2,77 billion people will be using social media ( This achievement supported by cheap smartphone, fast internet connectivity and easier to access. But, still depend on your market and geography. In this picture, different region could get different result of popular social media site.

4.Plan your content! Be Creative!

Your content is your social media marketing spearhead but be careful of the plagiarism content. We should know about our social media purposes. For example, if we use Instagram, the content should be picture and video. Or if we use Twitter, we could use the narrative content.

Source: Kylie Instagram

5.Maximum the function of social media site!

Explore the function of social media site! For Instagram, there are InstaStory, Instagram Shopping. For Facebook, there are marketplace or group function that will help you to reach your market!

source :
source :

6.Don’t forget of word of mouth!

Beside the social media site is important in this century, the traditional marketing should be not forgotten. Always keep your promotion between family, collage, group, or your team worker! This argument supported by Nielse, that 2% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising (Whitler, 2014)

7.Catch up with the latest trends and don’t worry to changes the style!

Algorithm from social media site always changes day by day. Marketer required to continue learning about the algorithm, so the used of social media could be effective. These days, trends using the influencer to promote their product also become the latest trend in the social media site. But it can not be denied if in the future this trend will changes.

8.Evaluation, Evaluation, Evaluation!

How’s your strategy? Is it done well? That’s why we should do the evaluation of our strategic marketing. We should know that the current strategies are doing well, or we should change the strategies. Using the social media reviewer tools is not forbidden because the tools could help us to evaluate our engagement.

That’s all of my recommendation of social media strategies that my friend could use it! How about you guys? you have any recommendation for my friend? Please write it below! Xoxo, El

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AIRBNB- Innovation Business Model

What is the important thing that we should consider when we are in holiday? Of course, accommodation! With all of technology and application that we have, we could arrange our accommodation depends on our budget. The one of application that we could use is Airbnb.


Airbnb is an online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences (Wikipedia, 2019). This application helps the host to connected with customer. In my opinion, Airbnb has a superior innovation in the hospitality business because they are different with the ordinary hotel business.

In the beginning, the founders, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky set up the the simple website to rent their room then Nathan Biecharczyk join later ( In the first time, they named the Airbnb with AirBed &Breakfast

After that, in 2008, they redesign their website and got some funding from other place. With their commitment and hard work, they could overtake Hilton Hotels in nights booked in 2012. Currently, as everyone could use, there is over than 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries. The customer could do the bookings in the online and on mobile devices. In 2015, the value of the company was $25.5 billion (

In this case, we will discuss about innovation business model that Airbnb build for this business. I take this business model from ( What is business model? Chaffey and Ellis stated that business model is a summary of how a company will generate revenue, identifying its product offering, value-added service, revenue source and target customers (Chaffey & Ellis, 2019, p.164).

I would like to highlight the value proposition of Airbnb. Host and Guest is their main partner in this business so Airbnb should give them fair obligations and rights. The example of the innovation of Airbnb is they give right to the Host to review the Guest that visiting their house. This right is very fair for me, because the foundation of this business is trust and how the attitude of the host or guest which is, they don’t know each other (Read: totally Stranger Things). If we look on the google review, just guest could review the Hotel, Café, Restaurant that they visited. But in Airbnb, both Host and Guest could give the review.

source :

Airbnb is giving the host easily access to arranges their listing from the check in and out time, their free amenities, the rules house, etc.  Even, the price of rent, the host could set their price by their self. Because Airbnb will take around 10% for the commission, and charges 3 % in the guest booking for Airbnb’s revenue.

Part of their marketing, they used the application and website as a core source for their business. In my opinion, their app is very friendly user and got a good review in the internet. In this era, traveler tend to look the cheap accommodation that match with their preferences and Airbnb offer that! In the application and website, the guest could write their preferences accommodation such as price, number of rooms, amenities, locations, etc.

source :

In my final analysis, Airbnb success to have innovation in their business field, Hospitality. Local hotel and motel could take an eye to Airbnb because Airbnb offer many of advantages to the host and guest which is they are key partner of Airbnb also the customer of hotel and motel.


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Blog Entry 3b

How SMMF helps to interpret what is happening in the financial service industry?

In last blog , we talked about SMMF in the Kylie Jenner’s cases. But how about financial service industry? In my opinion, currently, financial service industry using social media as a communication tools between company and their customer. In this century, using social media is human need to make every activity easier.

For Scope variable, there are many financial service industries using the social media to share their content. Berger stated that 49 of 50 financial service starting to use social media as a marketing tools (Berger, 2017). Even though the financial service is quite slowest than any industry (Berger,2017), they are starting to embrace and taking consider to looking on the resource to boost the social media marketing.

In Culture dimension, financial service industries could use the social media function to communicate and do promotion of their product. Dopson said, using interactive content is more effective at educating a buyer. Although, we should learn about the changing of algorithm of social media that could pushing our content and brand (Dopson, 2018). For the good example, I took from Dopson article (Dopson,2018) about how to HSBC communicate and have engagement with their customer.

For the structure dimension, role of marketing director is a need to evaluate the marketing strategic and helping from the employee to become great customer service for online customer is an important task.

Last, in the governance dimension, financial service industry should understand in every service that they give to the customer, the review will be posted on the online. Dopson give advices to still encourage and respond to the customer review (Dopson, 2018). These are giving a link to leave a review in transaction confirmation emails, future incentives, and personally follow up the long-term customer to share their experience (Dopson, 2018).


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Blog Entry 3a

Social Media Marketing Framework (SMMF) of Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetic

Who doesn’t know Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetic? Kylie Jenner is an American Celebrity and owned the cosmetic company in 2016. Based on Wikipedia, Kylie owned $800 million of value company in 2018 and $900 million in 2019. That’s make Kylie the youngest self-made billionaire with $1 billion personal net worth (Wikipedia Contributors, 2019).

This main factor that could make Kylie’s product become like this is because of social media engagement. According to the BBC News, Kylie wiped $1,5 billion dollars off the value of snapchat and when she posted the images of her new baby, she got 11 million likes in few hours (Chaffey & Ellis, 2016).

In this case, we will discuss about Social Media Marketing Framework (Felix et al., 2016) of Kylie Jenner’s engagement between her product and social media. Based on Felix et al. (2016), there are 4 variables to social media marketing and we will apply these variables to Kylie Jenner’s cases.

  • Scope

This variable talk about kind of social media that used as a one-way communication tool. Kylie Jenner used the Instagram to promote her product. Instagram become the strategic core promotion of Kylie Jenner product. Zilles said Kylie choose the right platform to become core social media (Zilles, 2019). Instagram has an advantage that have a highest visual image (Zilles, 2019) and Instagram is a platform to share images and video. In my opinion, this strategic is answered that from Instagram, they provide content that make readers and users interest with their product (such as video, Instagram Shopping, photo). Also, there will be interaction between companies and the end-users (Chaffey & Ellis, 2016). Kylie Jenner also give the customer the friendly shopping experiences in the official Kylie Cosmetics website.

  • Culture

For this variable, we will talk about how Kylie Jenner’s social media promotion style such as is that flexible or open with the style of social media platforms. Hiller stated Kylie Jenner is an ultimate influencer in the social media (Hiller, 2019). In Kylie’s Instagram, she used the Instagram Shopping to approach her followers. In other function, the company also used the IGTV to introduce the product such as make-up tutorial with Kylie Cosmetic. The interest fact about Instagram is there are rise popularity Instagram story (Hiller,2019) and the company used the Instagram Stories to introducing their product with creative content.

  • Structure

In Kylie Jenner content, she got help from her family to increasing the engagement in their content (Hiller,2019). Every Kylie Jenner posted images or video, she always tagged @kyliecosmetics Instagram to make sure that her follower got easy directly to the company Instagram. Well, I could say this strategy is success. Beside the Kylie is an ultimate influencer, she could make the @kyliecosmetics Instagram has 21,7M followers in 3 years. On the other hand, MAC Cosmetic (could said the one of many competitors) just has 22,5M followers and Benefit Cosmetic (that have a same style with Kylie Cosmetic) just has 9,6 M followers in their Instagram.

  • Governance

In @Kyliecosmetics Instagram, there are a lot of make-up tutorial with many looks that could help their customer applied the make-up tools. If I could say, Kylie Jenner wants to educated their customer and give them many ideas to applied the product. Also, Kylie wants to tell that just with #Kyliecosmetics, their customer could create any looks for any conditions and for anyone.

So that’s all from me. Have you any idea or any thoughts about it?What do you think about Kylie Jenner’s strategic marketing? Please share with me! Thank you! Xoxo, El!

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Blog Entry 2


SHEIN! Who doesn’t know about Shein? Shein is online shopping and an international B2C Fast Fashion e-commerce platform. They offer men’s apparel, children’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, and other fashion items. You know what? They ship to over 220 countries and regions worldwide! (Check yours! :p)

Because of SHEIN is online shopping, of course understanding online customer experiences is needed for them to improving their website and make the customer enjoy with their website! I will use the framework from Rose and Hair (2011) to help me evaluate the SHEIN’s website.

  • Information Processing

In the SHEIN website, I will directly know about all of their offer on that day. All of the information about the ship, layout design, and the important one is the discount! Yey! For me as a customer, this website gives me a lot of information and as a potential customer I would like to enter their website even further.

  • Perceived ease-of-use

As you see on the picture above, is that clearly website which anyone could use it? In my experience, I would like to search the sale one (LOL, I love sale). Then, I just clicks the winter sale and I can find anything that I want to buy!

  • Perceived usefulness

If I want to buy cloths for my boyfriend, SHEIN offer it. If I want to buy cloths for my summer style or winter style, SHEIN also offer it. Even, if I want to buy some cheap clothes (read: sale), SHEIN offer it. Their website is offer anything from woman, kids and men so it would be make easy for other customer as well 😊

  • Perceived benefits

I love benefits! YES! SHEIN always give us many offer or discount. You can check it but don’t be late because each day has different offer!

  • Perceived Control

In my second purchase, SHEIN website already saved my address and with their systems, so I did the second purchase faster than before.

  • Skill

I believe if their website has an artificial intelligence (AI) that make if I purchase more often, their website will save my preferences and they will offer me the product that match with my preferences.

  • Trust and Risk

In online shopping, this factor will be the biggest variable to me to make decision either buy in their website or not.  I have been shopping from SHEIN, 2 times using my card and I received my things! The cloths were very good and nothing happen such as misuse of my card or my address. Before that, I did some search on the Google to make sure that SHEIN is safe and they are safe!

  • Enjoyment

As far as I use the SHEIN and bought some clothes from their website, I am really enjoyed with their product and I will give positive online experience in this website

So, that’s all my evaluate about SHEIN. How about you guys? If you want the same experience with me, just visit the SHEIN Website and you will know how I enjoy their website and I will be back sure to buy some sale product! You guys have another online experience? Please feel free to share with me and drop your comment on the below! Love, El.

BONUS! Enjoy my first experienced at Blackpink Concert ! 🙂

Blog Entry 1

What is Digital Marketing?

There are several definitions about digital marketing from other books. Chaffey and Ellis explained Digital Marketing as achieving marketing objectives through applying digital media, data and technology (Chaffey & Ellis, 2019, pg. 9). Market Business News also explain the other definition of Digital Marketing is the marketing of goods and services via digital technologies (internet is one of the examples of digital technologies). Marketing services and products using display advertising, mobile phones, and other digital media also included on the activities of Digital Marketing (Market Business News, 2019). In my opinion, Digital Marketing a product of marketing that using Digital media for the services. Internet and other technology are other tools for helping the work of digital marketing. The person who do the digital marketing is called Digital Marketer.

How eBay has had to evolve its online brand proposition and communicate it to achieve continued growth?

eBay is a retail marketplace in the online world. The digital business model that eBay used is C2C (Customer to Customer). Buyers and seller of eBay are a core component that eBay should consider achieving continued growth. In Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) by company law in the US filling that eBay believe the ability to attract buyers and sellers, volume of transaction and selection goods, customer service and brand recognition are important point to compete with the other competitor. In my opinion, eBay wants to focus on fulfill the customer needs than make an improvement in the internal organization. Those points have same direction with their digital business model, C2C.

In addition, eBay could consider creating the customer-centric approach to digital marketing. This approach will be helping eBay to know the range of their customer using some tools such as personas and customer scenarios. From another website, customer-centric approach has many advantages for digital native culture. Macdonald said that customer-centric approach could give the best customer experiences before and after sales.

The competitor of eBay, Amazon and Zappos already applied that approach. The other things that eBay should consider is the internet development itself.

Internet is growing so fast from web 1.0 until web 4.0 and transaction in eBay is really depends on the internet. Currently, eBay have been done update brand positioning using traditional media (e.g. Television). For me, this approach is very good because some people still using television. The other traditional media that eBay could use are radio and newspaper.


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EL is ready to take off!

Hi Everyone, welcome to my space! I am El and currently study Master of Communication at University of Canberra. This space is about my Digital Marketing experience and me as your captain will will direclty guide you in this space! Ps. you can also have a chit-chat with me. My dream is become Digital Marketer and doing some great job in the social media works.

I love to watch movie and i could finished 8 episode of Stranger things season 1 in 1 day. It was actually happen, because i do love to watching movie as my favorite activity. I am growing up with Disney product. Disney princess is my favorite, but i do like Mickey as well. Have fun!

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