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What is Digital Marketing?

There are several definitions about digital marketing from other books. Chaffey and Ellis explained Digital Marketing as achieving marketing objectives through applying digital media, data and technology (Chaffey & Ellis, 2019, pg. 9). Market Business News also explain the other definition of Digital Marketing is the marketing of goods and services via digital technologies (internet is one of the examples of digital technologies). Marketing services and products using display advertising, mobile phones, and other digital media also included on the activities of Digital Marketing (Market Business News, 2019). In my opinion, Digital Marketing a product of marketing that using Digital media for the services. Internet and other technology are other tools for helping the work of digital marketing. The person who do the digital marketing is called Digital Marketer.

How eBay has had to evolve its online brand proposition and communicate it to achieve continued growth?

eBay is a retail marketplace in the online world. The digital business model that eBay used is C2C (Customer to Customer). Buyers and seller of eBay are a core component that eBay should consider achieving continued growth. In Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) by company law in the US filling that eBay believe the ability to attract buyers and sellers, volume of transaction and selection goods, customer service and brand recognition are important point to compete with the other competitor. In my opinion, eBay wants to focus on fulfill the customer needs than make an improvement in the internal organization. Those points have same direction with their digital business model, C2C.

In addition, eBay could consider creating the customer-centric approach to digital marketing. This approach will be helping eBay to know the range of their customer using some tools such as personas and customer scenarios. From another website, customer-centric approach has many advantages for digital native culture. Macdonald said that customer-centric approach could give the best customer experiences before and after sales.

The competitor of eBay, Amazon and Zappos already applied that approach. The other things that eBay should consider is the internet development itself.

Internet is growing so fast from web 1.0 until web 4.0 and transaction in eBay is really depends on the internet. Currently, eBay have been done update brand positioning using traditional media (e.g. Television). For me, this approach is very good because some people still using television. The other traditional media that eBay could use are radio and newspaper.


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